Reasons Why People Put Palm Plants in their Homes

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Who doesn’t like to live with greens all around them? They not only look beautiful they also build up a nice and welcoming vibe. There are so many different kinds of evergreens that are available these days, but a lot of people are fond of areca palm due to multiple reasons.

You will find palms for sale at several nurseries and renowned online stores. Pick your palm plant from a reliable source so that you do not have to regret it later. Mentioned below are several reasons why people put palms in their homes:

Aesthetic Value

Palms have a lot of aesthetic value. They look so beautiful. Even a regular-looking place starts looking attractive when you put a palm plant there. They add an amazing tropical vibe to your place. Palms can be put indoors too. They infuse a sweet zing into your living space. Make sure that you water your palm regularly and put it in well-draining potting soil. This will ensure that the plant will have a long life.

Air Purifying Properties

Palm has air-purifying properties. It will make the air inside your home fresh and germ-free. It removes toxins and pollution from the air. When pollution is removed, the quality of your indoor air improves automatically, and this is good for you and your family members. So, if you want pure and cleaner air, you must plant palms in your home.

Improves Indoor Humidity

Areca palms do not require a lot of water. They, as a matter of fact, release moisture into the atmosphere. So, if you stay in a place that is too dry, you must plant areca palms to increase the humidity in the atmosphere. For those living in arid conditions or if they have an air conditioner on the whole day, putting areca palm makes things better.

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Creates Positive Energy

Areca palm is good for feng shui reasons, also. It attracts positive energy. Even according to Vaastu principles, it attracts good energy to your living space. So, if you want peace, prosperity, and wealth, you must plant palms in your homes. So, these are some of the reasons why people plant palms in their homes and offices.

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How is a palm tree maintained indoors?

Each indoor palm tree will have its own preferred maintenance needs, but as a general rule, aim for bright, indirect light; water roughly every 10 to 14 days (only when the topsoil has dried out by about 80%); feed no more frequently than once per month (only during the spring and summer months), and prune in the spring to remove any old growth and to reduce crowding.

Are indoor palms misted?

Palm plants do not require misting because they are less finicky than other plants, but they wouldn’t mind a good spritz every now and again in addition to their usual watering schedule.

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