All you Wana know about Instagram Follower Apps

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“Buy a thousand 10000 followers in a day”

These banners and ads are common in social media marketing. It can be tempting for a marketer or influencer to take advantage of such offers to grow their audience on Instagram.

These are often ads that have been endorsed by Instagram followers apps. These apps promise to increase your follower count by following a few simple steps or spending some money.

It is not as easy as it seems. However, you need to be able to see the real cost of spending your money or diverting your efforts for something similar.

It is important to determine whether such apps can deliver the results they promise, whether their followers are real if the engagement is genuine, as well as whether it is legal.

This blog will discuss Instagram followers’ apps. We’ll also explore the truth behind these followers’ apps.

What are Instagram Followers Apps?

Instagram followers apps like My Editech House are a sub-category of apps that aim to increase the Instagram following. These apps are widely used by marketers who want to add some value to their audience.

Are they Genuine Followers?

The success of Instagram followers apps is well-known for their ability to dupe people. These apps can access large networks of inactive accounts. Bots create fake Instagram accounts that are then sent to marketers. To further increase their following base, the apps steal customer data.

Fake followers are not just a problem for app developers. Marketers who are blinded by the success of any price use unethical methods to increase their followers.

Fake followers are a major source of income for many brands and influencers. Fake followers accounted for 255 million dollars of the $1.4 billion in influencer marketing.

About 45% of Instagram accounts with more than one million followers are fake. Two-thirds of Instagram accounts that are fake were created by celebrities and Instagram mega-influencers with over one million followers.

You might think, Why bother reading this blog? These apps are useless to me and I won’t use them.

If you already believe that fake followers are a ‘NO’ to your marketing strategy, you should be proud. This is a common misconception among marketers, as the above statistics will show.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about these apps and the truth behind them.

Types of Instagram Followers Apps

Many services offer you Instagram followers. These three business models are the most popular for Instagram followers:

  • In return for engagements with other accounts, you can offer followers, you can access Instagram reels without having an account through Picuki
  • If you have followers, please give them your Instagram login information
  • You can sell followers for a price
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Followers to Engagement Apps

These apps require you to engage with and follow other accounts in order to gain followers. This is a classic Instagram trick that has been used by both personal and business accounts. Now, followers apps are adopting it in large numbers.

It’s basically an agreement where both parties agree to follow one another. Sounds like a mutual benefit? It’s not. The majority of users on this app don’t keep their promises. These apps don’t have the authority to regulate them, so you can report them.

This adds stress to your life and causes you to waste money.

Phishing Apps

Many of these apps promise to increase followers through hashtags. This is not a bad strategy. But, they take your password and then vanish.

These are the most dangerous Instagram followers’ apps because your privacy is at risk when you reveal your login information. There are also high chances that your information could be sold to dark web entities. These entities may have access to your profile and engage in illegal activities. It is not a good idea to give your password to these sketchy apps for “followers”.

These apps use your login information to build their followers. You can then sell your account to increase someone else’s following. They continue to grow their database and the cycle continues. In effect, you become a follower rather than a follower.

Get Fooled Apps

These apps don’t deliver as promised and are intended to trick you into downloading them. Apps such as “Get more followers free” promise to grow your following immediately, but they don’t have the resources to do this. Inactive followers are often generated by bots.

These apps are designed to trick you into downloading more apps. However, all they offer is hashtags and stickers that you can use in your Instagram posts. Many of these apps aren’t functional at all. It is so bad that users can get stuck at the login screen for hours and it doesn’t resolve the problem.

Following Purchaser Apps

The most popular type of app asks for money in exchange for followers. Apps promise real followers but that’s it. Instead, you will get fake or bot followers that do little to promote your account and just number.

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