Study in Georgia: A Guide for International Students Abroadvice

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Higher education in Georgia is extensive and demands a lot from students in different parts of the world. The country offers Bachelor’s programs, master’s programs, and doctorate programs. Study in Georgia is possible as the country thrives with all the facilities required by national and international students.

It attracts students from different parts of the world. Here, the courses are updated and will help students to get employed at the earliest. After taking admitted, overseas students can gather knowledge from several perspectives.

What are the Types of Higher Education Institutions Available in Georgia?

Three types of higher education institutions are prevalent- University, a teaching university and a college. It starts with the University, which is an institution of higher education. It carries out higher education programs in three stages. Here, students can also be involved in scientific research.

Teaching University

The institute of higher education is carried out by a teaching University. It involves higher educational programs/programs apart from doctorate programs. The educational programs of the second stage, like the master’s program, are carried out by the teaching university. The first stage of the educational program is carried out by the college.

A higher education institution needs to be authorized and defined by specific rules. It involves a procedure to get the status of higher education institution and mention its purpose. Compliance with standards must be ensured for any activity and be supported by the state.

The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement provides authorization as per the rules set by the body.

What is a National Examinations Center?

 It is a legal entity of public law ensuring the execution of Unified National and Joint Master Exams. It can make national estimations and international research, which must sync with Georgian legislation.

Credit System

The educational program in Georgia is based on the credit system. It includes an average of 60 credits. The first stage of a bachelor’s includes around 240 credits. An educational program of teacher training is the first stage of higher education. Those with certificates of complete general education can enter the Bachelor’s program. The second stage, or the master’s educational program, has no less than 120 credits.

Those with Bachelor’s or persons with equivalent degrees can study a master’s program.

 Those who go for a certified physician or dentist take a medical/dentist educational program takes one stage higher education program. After completing an educational program as a physician with 360 credits or being a dentist with 300 credits, an academic degree is received.

The doctorate program, or the third stage of studying, takes not less than 180 credits.

A diploma is issued after completing each stage of education. An authorized institute of higher education awards students. Getting an international education is easier if planned well in advance.

Ways to Start Education in a Georgian University

Start by reading different programmes and universities. Know more about the Georgian university system and check out the student stories to get more inspired. Then choose a program; next, contact the international university office and get in touch with the national centre for educational quality enhancement and then apply for the visa.

What are the Reasons to Welcome Georgia?

Georgia is a prime destination for students who wants a rich cultural experience. The country is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Overseas education is a good option for many students willing to explore the many sides of a nation. Georgia is known to maintain a good relationship between Russia and the EU. So students opting for international education will be a part of a great education system.

Educational Institution

There are more than 60 higher educational institutions which are under the state. In addition, there are several private accredited universities along with public ones. The educational institutes are divided into universities, in all the university bachelor’s, masters and PhD programmes. It is seen that some of the colleges even integrate Bachelors and other higher professional education programmes. But Georgia is known to offer a comprehensive overseas education.

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What are the Study Options Available?

Georgia is suitable for students who want to participate in a popular international study location. The country is well placed and is a unique destination, and the education system is constantly developing. More and more international students are enrolling in universities and colleges each year. There is a plethora of study options available. Students can choose from courses on business administration, travel and tourism, marketing and PR, computer science, or social science.

Georgia is deemed the best abroad education. The universities and colleges offer the best opportunities and are unique opportunities provided to international students. Students can apply for a sound health care system in many specialised medicine universities. The Language of instruction can be Russian and English. Students need to pass a particular exam which will test their basic knowledge of biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

What are the Scholarship Opportunities for Students in Georgia?

Students can opt for the below options:

  • government scholarships
  • private funds
  • college scholarship

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirement for higher educational institutions follows a simple protocol, and candidates can register online. Some universities take admission based on an interview. However, a few universities might require IELTS ( to avail of a degree program taught in English).

 An official document from the school mentioning the understanding of English speaking is required.

What are the Documents Required by the Universities for Application?

The universities might require an online application form, the learning agreement or the Register Form). Also, a list including the chosen courses, a photocopy of the passport identification pages and a passport-size photo.

A transcript of records will also be required to show the learning achievements from previous or home school. Students can visit the National Assessment and Examination Centre of Georgia for more details.

What is the Language of Instruction in Georgia?

Kartvelian Language is the official Georgian Language and is used in most universities as the primary Language of instruction.

Some of the universities offer English and Russian courses which are tailor-made for international students. In some institutes, students can join preparatory courses to learn the Georgian Language. This helps them to pursue the first-year courses.

It is suggested that students develop their English language skills to meet the university requirements. Getting international education might need a bit of hard work, but if a student prepares in advance, then things get better.

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