Want to Become a Successful Bricklayer?: Do Bricklaying Short Course

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The job of bricklaying seems to be a simple job where a bricklayer just put bricks or blocks on top of each other. But in reality, it is not an easy job at all. A bricklaying job is much more than laying the blocks and bricks. It requires lots of thinking so that the laying can be done the right way in the first chance.

Bricklayers have lots of works to accomplish. They are responsible for construction projects ranging from residential places to commercial houses. You can kick start your construction career with a Short Bricklaying Courses and then completing the apprenticeship in block laying and bricklaying.

Specialized Roles for Bricklayers

Bricklayers can become specialized in various other options of construction and building industry. They can choose to go for refractory work or can look forward to specialize in masonry restoration and conservation. With years of experience, they become ready to take up jobs as professional builders or construction managers.

Arbch Builder

A bricklayer can become specialized to work as Arch builder. As an arch builder, the responsibility is to build arches using bricks with unconventional shapes, repair them and maintain them.

Chimney Builder

They are specialized bricklayers who have gained expertise in building chimneys. They have detailed understanding of unique shapes and how to build and maintain the chimneys. The materials used for making chimneys must withstand heat.

Stone Mason

They are specialized bricklayers who have experience in working with soft and hard stone blocks. They construction and maintain structure made up of stones. They require special skills like working with stones like granite, marble, fixing stone fa├žades, cutting letters into stone art. They mostly work on the construction projects for old building structures or cemeteries.

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After doing a short course, you can start working as a brick layers only if you have done your apprenticeship. There are companies that are looking for apprentices in bricklaying. As the government is encouraging apprenticeship programs, more and more employees are coming forward to hire bricklayers as apprentices for various types of construction projects. The government is giving subsidy for apprentice wages so that more employers come forward to hire apprentices and construction industry gets an experienced and qualified work force. During apprenticeship, the students become ready for the job market. They not only learn the technical skills of bricklaying but also get to learn soft skills that will help them to have long lasting career in building and construction industry.

To become a successful bricklayer, you should have very good level of physical fitness. As you have to spend long hours working outside that too in extreme weather conditions, you should be fit physically. You should also be able to work at heights. It is not only enough to have technical aptitude but you should know how to interpret the plans and specifications of construction. A successful bricklayer should be able to work in a team and should also be able to take up responsibility independently. A bricklaying course can teach you the technical details and the apprenticeship helps you to enhance your skill levels.

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