A Complete Cheat Sheet to Troubleshoot Invisalign Problem

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Most people wish to have a seamless journey while undergoing teeth straightening treatment. But there are many who have to face a lot of challenges to obtain the desired dental appearance.

However, in most cases, your orthodontist is the right companion by your side to incorporate you overcome those difficulties and continue with the Invisalign treatment. At the end of the day, determination will let you obtain the perfect shape and position of the teeth.

Although amidst the COVID situation most dental clinics try to address the issue over the phone yet patients are asked to visit the clinic twice or once. Actually, they want assurance that everything is fine and on track for treatment. They never charge anything extra for additional or emergency appointments and the cost is an all-inclusive one.

This blog will let you know how to deal with minor problems at your home only. So read on to know them. But if there is any serious concern never miss clearing your doubts from the dentist.

If Invisalign is Lost

Sometimes aligners can get lost but never think about it excessively. Consult with your Invisalign provider first! They will examine your present dental condition if a new set is needed then you will provide one in no extra time.

Otherwise, you have to use the previous one until the latest one is not prepared. From next time onwards try to store them in their case at the time of drinking, eating, and brushing.

If the Aligner is Bruising the Cheek and Tongue

A slight irritation feeling will be there inside your mouth after you wear Invisalign for the very first time. You will feel trouble on and around the tongue and cheeks. But after some time you will get accustomed to it and try using ulcer get in that period.

The aligner having sharp edges can cause major discomfort in the mouth and so use a nail filer to smooth out its edges. If you aren’t ready to take up the risk then visit the orthodontist for necessary adjustments as per your requirements.

If there is Tooth pain

Tooth pain is more likely to experience in the first initial days of achieving aligner. Therefore, you are advised to consume soft foods for the first couple of days. A pain reliever is better to take in case there is unbearable pain.

girl feeling pain in her teeth

If Sputter is Developed

Initially, you will experience a sputter on the tongue but after some days tongue will adjust to it. As you speak as fast it will get used to the aligner.

If it is Bad Breathe

Bad breath is quite common once you take off the aligner. Hence, don’t switch to any new brushing schedule. If brushing the teeth after having every meal is problematic then chewing gum and drinking lots of water can do work for you prior to reinserting the aligner.

If there is Excessive Saliva

Excessive saliva production is regarded as a side effect after you wear the new braces. But don’t worry as it you will soon become familiar with it within a couple of days.

If you can’t Remove the Tray

If you are a first-time user then it is obvious to experience trouble during popping them in and out. Your orthodontist will insert them in the clinic and after a few days of using you can pop them out easily.

If there are Fallen Attachment

Sometimes attachments fall off naturally and there is nothing to worry about. Contact your orthodontist right away who will make an emergency appointment for providing a replacement on a prior basis. But continue putting on the Invisalign throughout the period.

If the Aligner is Forgotten to Wear

The prime thing about a clear aligner is it has to be worn for long 20 hours every day till the end of the treatment. Otherwise, the time period of the treatment will prolong and the teeth start relapsing again. Try to get adapted to this habit otherwise scan is needed for the new Invisalign tray. Sometimes, treatment needs to start afresh due to worsening conditions.

If you are Not Satisfied with the Result

In case you are not happy with the result then don’t panic. You have to perform scanning again to get a new tray also called the refinement stage that is included in the all-inclusive cost of Invisalign braces.

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