How to Wear Black Contact Lenses Like a Timeless Diva?

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Black eyes no doubt belong to divas! We love seeing people with big bright black eyes. Ah, it gets even prettier with the kajal and mascara. Don’t you think that black eyes have a special kind of spark in them? Well, I seriously believe that black eyes have their charm. I wonder why people sometimes look down on them or feel like there is no beauty in them. No doubt-coloured eyes like blue, green and grey have their beauty, but I’d say not more than black eyes. So, if you are a person like me who is a crazy fan of black eyes but isn’t blessed with them, here is some news for you all! Grab a pair of black contact lenses and wear them whenever you want to feel like a timeless diva.

Why Wear Black Contact Lenses?

One good question is, why wear black contact lenses when there are infinite bright and sparkly options available? Why would one even want to stick to this shade? But the thing is, other coloured contact lenses are too mainstream and not to offend anyone or object to someone’s choice, but they sometimes look fake. So, if you prefer to look natural but can never compromise on appearance and beauty, black contact lenses are for you! They’ll enhance your natural eyes by making them look a little broader and brighter. Whether you are off to the office or for dinner and want your eyes to pop out a little without putting on too much makeup- opt for them!

Wake up with Black Contact Lenses

Don’t misunderstand the statement! We, in no way, are asking you to sleep with your contact lenses. You are wise enough to know what risk factors are associated with that. And you want nothing terrible happening to your eyes at all, so no way you are ever sleeping with contact lenses. What we mean by “wake up with contact lenses” is that they give your eyes and face a fresh appearance. So, if you haven’t slept all night, have dark circles, eye bags or any discolouration around the eyes, wear black-coloured contact lenses. They are the best possible choice because they create an illusion of fullness and do not highlight these marks and spots. Whereas light coloured contact lenses highlight all the flaws, and even if you want to hide them, they’ll be noticeable after a while. So why waste a heavy amount of concealer or spend the entire evening doing touch-ups? Save yourself from all these types of troubles, and feel fresh and energetic throughout the occasion. Ah well, if you don’t feel fresh, you’ll look fresh and presentable. It is a hack, ladies! *winks*

Can Men Wear Black Contact Lenses?

Let us know who the culprit is here? Who dared to make you question this? Yes, men can definitely wear black contact lenses. Not just black but any other coloured contact lenses as well. We all 100% deserve to feel beautiful and confident! So if you feel like wearing black coloured contact lenses, go ahead! Wear them and ace your look. Also, if you are tired of being called blonde and the “guy with green eyes”, it might be time for a change and peaceful moments. Some girls still might even fall for your black eyes because they sure are magical and charismatic. However, if you are blonde and fair, black contact lenses will add fullness to your face and make your features pop out more. So, it’s a win-win for you in every situation. Now, if you are done with self-sabotaging yourself and overthinking, rush to an online store or nearby mall and get yourself a pair of black contact lenses.

man try to wear contact lense

Makeup Tips for Black Eyes

In today’s world, we all are inspired by beauty bloggers and lifestyle influencers, so makeup is something we cannot ignore even if we want to. And honestly, there is no harm it. If makeup can make you feel beautiful about yourself, just go ahead and do as much as you want. Don’t ever let a person tell you not to do something.

So, if you’ve purchased yourself a pair of black contact lenses and are about to wear them anytime soon and looking for some makeup tips, you are in the right place because we have some fantastic ideas for you.

Start your makeup by concealing the spots on your face; you don’t have to overdo the foundation, especially around the eyes, because black eyes will take care of the business. Now to look like a timeless diva, apply the glitter over your eyelids, cat eyeliner and white pencil on your waterline. Beautiful! But you are not done here; get your contour kit out and accentuate the jaw, and cheekbones and highlight your face with your favourite highlighter. Finish off the diva look with bold red lip colour and accessories with the traditional jewellery pieces you’ve been stocking up for so long. A saree with this look would be perfect- exactly like a Bollywood diva!

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