The Ultimate Guide to in-Person Event Management

An in-person event consists of many activities and arrangements. When there is an on-ground event you need to plan, execute and monitor a lot of things which takes a lot of time and effort. It does not matter the size of your event or the type but always one thing in common is management. There is an array of things to keep eye on from choosing the right location, audience, and promotions, to managing finances and especially choosing the right purpose with the right panel is crucial.

Well, there are many event management professionals and event solution companies which are now taking all the responsibility to smoothly host. But it is crucial for all businesses to make sure that they leverage the right services and introduce the right event tech management and technology. So, what’s that? Here we are talking about the effective registration and ticketing procedure for the audience to make it possible for more people to enroll themselves.

As we rapidly move towards digitalising many things around us, why not make sure we offer an online way of ticketing and registration? Many event hosts offer online ticketing solutions and create a registration page, but that’s the old version of it. As now Whatsapp automation solutions are now the trending way to make all this possible. Here in this blog, we are going to touch on all the necessary aspects of WhatsApp business automation and event management guide for you to smoothly host in-person events. So let’s get started.

Essential Tools you Need to Manage an Event

Tools are known to ease down your world and efforts while making sure to enhance speed and efficiency. With the right professional tools, the scope of mistakes reduces to minimal and close to zero as we all get the job done rightly. From the perspective of the in-person event using more tools can create misunderstanding. However, relying on an effective yet powerful tool like Whatsapp automation solution for ticketing and registration can help you. As you are going to host your next event soon, so without wasting your precious time here are some of the must-have features in any tool you’re going to choose.

  • Features for event registration that let you customize each attendee’s experience, perform analytics to boost registrations, define several pricing tiers, and let guests sign up for both the entire event and individual sessions.
  • During event promotion that makes it easier to create an event website, automate email marketing, and provide discount codes.
  • Tools that encourage participation from participants, such as an app, community, real-time polling, automated messaging, real-time announcements, event surveys, and more, keep everyone engaged during the event.
  • Features for event operations, such as digital schedules, event statistics, and on-site check-in.

Now all these above are the essential things to look for in any tool you choose. And the cherry on the cake is that with the Whatsapp event automation you can do all these for your on-ground events.

In-person: How Whatsapp Impacts the Event Management

In general, different types of events need different settings and checklists as every event format has different dynamics to look for. Read on for key elements in in-person event management.

In-person events are the most common yet traditional way of hosting while virtual, hybrid events are now the latest introduction due to rapid growth in the event tech companies. This development in technology also made it possible to ease down the process for sure as not Whatsapp for event registration and ticketing is now a common procedure. Earlier there were times when you needed to go physically to get tickets. To remind you victorious in-person event management have:

Focused on Logistics

It is an important aspect to arrange everything possible for the event from logistics to just common things like drinks and snacks. Additionally, there are others like chairs, tables catering, decorations and some implementation of tickets, badges and other set-ups.

girl planning for an wedding event

Customized for the Audience

Attractive things attract. how cliche does this sentence look, but this is a new reality. Gone are the days when there are some old formats of tickets and other key elements like decoration and smooth process is necessary. So, what does it mean? Simply by using WhatsApp for event ticketing you will be able to send unique QR-based tickets with photos. This helps the procedure, now the attendees just need to showcase their e-tickets at the gate and the staff will check them quickly.

Physical Elements to Look for

In the event management guide, one key element which is missing is the checklist that you need to prepare so that scope of mistakes can be reduced. Checking all the set-ups from television screens to microphones, cameras and all in one is important.

Now coming to the meat of this blog, why are we writing this with WhatsApp business automation and not with the in-person event platform? So, the answer lies in its effectiveness, how?

With the WhatsApp-based solution, you will make sure that every attendee is connected by sending push notifications, and updates over their chats about your in-person events. Not just that, usually there are many activities that used to be organized in on-ground events. So, to take votes from your audience is easier with WhatsApp-based chats as you can be able to send poll questions and track the answers. This way you will also note down consumer behaviour.

Same as said you can also send registration links and after they register the tickets will be received over their chats. Made it possible for them to not open their emails. Additionally, after your events are completed you can send feedback forums with an already written set of poll questions for instant analysis of the success of the event and satisfaction.


In any event management planning, customer satisfaction is crucial and if the audience gets stuck with a harsh registration and ticketing process. The effectiveness will break and will lead to disappointments. So, the best thing you can do is to incorporate in your next in-person event to utilize WhatsApp business automation for ticketing, registration, feedback, updates and customized promotion content. Hope you like this blog post and we wish best of luck for your next on-ground event.

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